I Am ♥ I am Complete ♥ I am completely me


1. I AM COMPLETELY ME-TIME: A journey to mySelf, through mySelf


A week long jouney to better Self Care and more Self Love for women, that are willing to feel more complete and eager to live life more completely.

A week away from overwhelming and draining daily responsibilites, external and internal expectations. A week to completely focus on ones own wellbeing.

In the beautiful, wholesome and healing environment of Puglia, we will practize self care through yoga, mindfulness, mental training  and shiatsu. We will reconnect to our own healing powers and potential, mentally and physically, by cleansing ourselfs of toxic and depleating thoughts and behaviour, by resetting and refilling our mind and body with personal regenerativ affirmations. 


It is all about the POWER OF SELF CARE with Angelika & Nora

22.04.-29.04.2023  Sign up >>>